Developing the local community is important for the growth of the country. The government takes different measures to make sure that people in different localities get all the facilities and help they deserve, but government support is not enough.

Different non-profit organizations support local communities and projects to make the lives of local people better.

This magazine is about these organizations that contribute to humanity. In this magazine, we will learn how these organizations support the local community through different activities and projects, how they get the necessary resources and how they implement these projects.

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You must have heard about the international non-profit organizations like Red Cross, Rotary Club, and others who work at the root level to help people.

Here you will know about the activities of such organizations and what type of contributions they make to the community. You will also learn about their impact on our community and people. The magazine contains success stories of different projects that have helped the local communities to survive through difficult times. You will also know how a community can develop from zero with the help of such organizations. We hope you will find this magazine very informative.