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Centennial Project - Otaihanga Domain

Celebrating 100 years of Rotary International 1905 to 2005.

This wetland has been cleared and restored with native trees and plants by members of the Rotary Club of Kapiti, with help from the Kapiti Coast District Council, Friends of Waikanae River and Forest & Bird Kapiti.

The Rotary Club of Kapiti greatly appreciates the many trees and plants donated by members of the community. Planting has continued since 2005 to further enhance the beauty of this area and to replace trees and plants lost to flooding and other causes.

Report on Centennial Project, the Native plant Restoration at Otaihanga Domain

The first Saturday of September is the 6th anniversary of our planting at our very visible project at the Domain. Few can now be insensitive to the project which now dominates the main entrance to the domain, and the main route for walkers and cyclists between Paraparaumu and Waikanae – also the fact that it is a Kapiti Rotary project that has hundreds of years to run.

Work started in the 2003/4 rotary year with a massive input of member working bees extracting willow and poplar trees and massive amounts of scrub and weed. Under Jackie Clark’s presidency, and in time for the February 2005 celebration of 100 years of Rotary the first planting was done on the first weekend of September, by members, families, friends and neighbors. The whole motivated and designed by John Topliff of continuing fame with his work on the South bank from the domain to the traffic bridge, and John McLachlan of Kapiti Forest and Bird. Additional advice, encouragement and work was provided from Kapiti Coast District and Greater Wellington Councils (both are involved in the riverside).

In the years since various further planting has been done, replacing some of the plants that did not survive, replacing some (karaka) that proved not suitable and adding new areas, such as the new piece last month following Electra’s removal of the old man pine near the domain entrance. Little did we know initially that planting did not complete the project, it merely started it, and at least 10 years maintenance was necessary to complete.

Weeds have been a major issue – they grow faster than anything else. Their effect has destroyed some valuable trees in their early stages. The supply of hundreds of native grass plants by Rod Lingard’s Kapiti Community Enterprise Trust along with maintenance work by its trainees was a major help. The Kapiti Environmental Restoration Maintenance Trust now carries out specialist weed spraying from time to time in our and the other organisations plantings along the river banks.

Now our planting has reached a stage where flax and cabbage trees dominate, with the true native tree species showing through quite well. Eventually these will dominate and there will be a minor forest of truly significant proportions.

This is when our “Grandchildren” and their “Grandchildren” (to take in our project dedication) will enjoy an accessible forest, as it was here before our settling people 200 years ago changed the landscape for good.

Trailer Raffle

Every year we raise $8000 by buying a trailer filling it with $1000 of groceries, 2bikes and a 42 inch flat screen.
7000 tickets are sold over a period of 10 weeks by club members who are rostered in pairs on a weekend shift for 2 hours at a time around various locations on the Kapiti Coast.
This is a great project as all funds raised are distributed to local charities and causes.
It is great way for new club members to get involved and support the great work that Rotary does.

Golf Tournament

 Every year we raise money by having a golf tournament

Driver Reviver

 During the long weekends we have a trailer out at the Nikau valley turn off to supply drivers with hot drinks, chocolate bar and a rest stop

Thanarbaid Health Care Centre

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