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"Whizzing all over the place. A foreign correspondents memoir"

David Barber regaled members with over 60 years as a foreign correspondent.  He is one of New Zealands most travelled journalists reporting events from over 50 countries. Highlights included seeing a French nuclear test in the Pacific atmosphere during the world's only government sponsored ban the bomb protest, covering the Vietnam war, dodging bombers in London and Ireland, going on the campaign trail with Indira Ghandi, a weekend with a Maharajah in India and unwittingly working for the CIA.  He spent a magical night with a Lapland reindeer farmer, stayed in a bugged hotel room in Eastern Europe and was targeted by a dissident who sought his help to flee the Soviet Union. While free lancing for some of the worlds top newspapers, David reported on 12 New Zealand prime ministers.  Mr Barber emigrated from the U K  to New Zealand with his late journalist  wife Frances in 1963, has 3 adult children and now lives with his partner Ruth in Waikanae. Mr Barber has just released his book "Whizzing all over the place", whizzing a euphemism for flitting, buzzing or travelling with noise, and not for what many of we boys got up to.

David Barber Foreign Correspondent

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