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Kailakuri Health Care Project

"For the poor, by the poor"

These are words that the Kailakuri Health Care Project lives by thanks to the devotion of Dr. Edric Baker. He has worked tirelessly to empower the poor of Bangladesh to care for one another at this grassroots clinic in the northern forests of Bangladesh. Started in 2000, the Kailakuri Health Care Project has treated thousands of Bangladeshi people solely through financial donations from supporters around the world, including Kapiti Rotary since it began. Recently however, funding for the clinic has decreased and its future is becoming more and more uncertain. The club will continue to support for as long as possible and needs your support

Dr. Edric Baker is an extraordinary man. He has never led a conventional life. From the age of 13 he knew he wanted to be a missionary doctor and after attending medical school in New Zealand, he joined the NZ Surgical Team in 1968.



The situation for the poor is desperate.  Bangladesh now has a population of 165 million of whom 80% (51 million) are living in rural areas and 30% are extremely poor and experience extreme difficulty accessing health care services and other basic needs. After basic expenditures on food and other necessities the poor have almost nothing left for health care. 

  • Modern medical care is capital intensive and too expensive
  • Qualified medical practitioners undergo long costly training and need high incomes in order to repay debts, establish themselves and achieve desired living standards. They cannot accept either low incomes or rural living conditions. 
  • Investigations and medications prescribed are too numerous and too costly
  • Bangladesh is a highly competitive society and paramedical workers are unlikely to retain commitment and motivation for the poor without strong program organisation and supervisory back-up.
  • Because the numbers of the poor are vast organisation is difficult and costs very great.
  • Health services for the poor cannot be financially self-sustaining


Kailakuri Health Care Project

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