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  Tony Kane has been at Kapiti College since 2003. Principal for the past 8 years, Tony has transformed from headmaster of 700 to chief executive of a corporation managing a secondary education of 1,500 students , a staff of 130 and budget of $11 m. The college is regarded as a top academic performer and exemplar of best practice in the region. Tony has learnt that teachers are everything, that they can be one of the most influential people in a students life, often shaping the success in their adult life.  Students don't need a belting, they don't respond to streaming. They are more stressed and less resilient than ever (helicopter parents) but they are high achieving and  stay at school longer than ever-leaving at the average age of 17, because of NCEA and Tomorrows School. Whilst  this has sometimes meant a widening gap between the big (the haves) and the small (the have nots ) of schools, there is no going back. Tony has huge admiration for the students who understand that academic achievement is paramount, everyone has the right to be safe and happy and creativity is valued. Students are expected to give service to others and last year were responsible for raising $40,ooo- outside the school. He has many wonderful stories, including one of the student pictured, responsible for founding  Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation initiative to unite girls to change  the world "every girl, no matter where she is born, deserves a dream. You can make her dreams a reality".

A truly inspirational presentation (spelling mistake included!)  from this transformational leader.

Kids are amazing

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