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Kill the Queen Bee

Dr Swee Tan captivated members and guests with his humble yet revelationary and inspirational presentation which took us from his humble upbringing in Malaysia, to his Australian University studies and internship at Wanganui Hospital where he fell in love with New Zealand and its warm and generous people. This decided him to make his life here, starting out as a junior doctor at Waikato Hospital, where he determined to become a plastic surgeon to help those unfortunately disfigured. Here he learnt so that many patients suffered long term psychological trauma as a result of treatment, especially the young from the many  costly traditional surgical interventions, on strawberry birthmarks.   

He became fascinated by these tumours and was convinced there must be another way to provide a painless, cost effective way to treat children as early as possible -as infants-to alleviate the traumas. This led him to undertaking a PhD in research so that he could undertake credible research into his concept to address the root cause of these birthmarks. Using his own funds, he formed a small team to prove his  paradigm shift in thinking-attack the primitive cells-the Queen Bee. Leave the worker bees (the malignant cancer cells) alone-they die anyway. He discovered that he could block the links from  Queen Bee to  the workers using simple and very cheap beta blockers (e.g. taken for blood pressure) that could be taken by mouth. No need for painful surgery, radiology and chemotherapy costing $thousands. And the results have been amazing-painless transformation within months-remarkable feedback from grateful patients and now a growing international interest.   The research team have gone on to research the Queen Bee of other cancers. He couldn't reveal too much other than to say , the results are proving to be very exciting.  All on a shoe string , own funds and  some donor support. He has formed the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute, to institutionalise the research, provide governance and a platform for funding.

"We are looking to the next century, seeking new ways to heal and repair the body. Already we have made breakthroughs; we believe we are one step closer to the cure for cancer. Join us on our thrilling journey"

 "Our goal is treatment of cancer without surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy – to bypass everything we have done for the last 100 years."

Given his amazing personal story to date, his extensive track record of achievements, honours and awardsrapid developments in the past 10 years, determination and skill we were left with  the distinct impression that he will achieve his objective within our lifetimes.

Kill the Queen Bee

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