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Nepal Earthquake Relief & Restoration

Kapiti Rotary became a sister club of Rotaract Club of Yala, Kathmandhu when hosting one of their exchange students, Nirjan Shakya in 2004. Nirjan has gone on to become an active Rotaract and community leader who has led targeted rescue and relief efforts to villages and people of Kathmandu who have not had the benefit of any government or NGO aide. Kapiti Rotary is collecting, administering and remitting donations in aggregate from New Zealanders to the Rotaract Club of Yala so that Nirjan and his fellow Rotaractarians can purchase the appropriate supplies and services that will provide the greatest benefit to victims

The club raised funds from members and the public through GiveALittle to assist our trusted fellow Rotarians of our sister club in Yala, Kathmandu with their efforts to provide food, shelter, medical supplies and services to people of remote villages and areas unsupported to date by government and other aide agencies.

The club is about to embark upon a more ambitious fundraising project by enlisting the support of Rotary International and other clubs to help Nirjan and his Rotoractans rebuild an entire  village remote in the upper Kathmandhu valley that was totally destroyed, and forgotten. Stand by!

Nepal Earthquake Relief & Restoration

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