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10 May
Chris Laidlaw
17 May
Emile's Farewell
Rotary Youth Exchange Scholar
24 May
Youth Committee 

Our returning Rotary Youth Exchange scholar Grace Lindsay told us about the fanfanfantastic time she had in France.
She lived in a small town called BRIVE,built around the 12th century and has about 50k population and studied at a Catholic school. 
She finally got to visit Paris and the Eiffel Tower , toured some of Europe and  met a number of other other Exchange students. The French food was incredible and she loved the bakeries and creamy chocolatey things. She stopped at Pate and boiled pigs head, though tried snails and frog legs. Whilst homesick early on. Grace found it very hard to say au revoir to France.


The Food Fair was a roaring success

Thanks to Paul Adams for organising our part and to all the volunteers.

Denise Carnihan "I share my heart with Africa"

Denise Carnihan's life changed forever when she went to Africa. She described her multiple journeys to Africa and her trials and triumphs.She has been involved in the building and establishment of several schools in Kenya, some with her own funds and the remainder from a trust she and her husband established.
Now she is involved in taking people to Africa for a "low cost, grass roots, authentic African experience"

Ian MacGibbon, Defence historian with Rick Ottaway

Ian McGibbon, a historian with the Ministry of Defence who has spent 43 years writing the official histories of various engagements by the NZ Defence Forces spoke to the club pf the WW11 Battles of Passchendaele, Belgium.
 Passchendaele was a series of battles between the allied forces and the Germans, with the objective being to capture the high ground that was occupied by the Germans.These battles involved up to 13 divisions of two allied armies. The allied forces encountered many obstacles such as muddy ground which limited their use of artillery. The campaign ended in complete failure with significant NZ casualties.

Steve Parsons thanks the terminator, Brian Parsons
Brian Parsons the Cyber Attack Terminator being thanked by Steve Parsons. Brian spoke to us about internet security and the fact that commercial devices and firewalls do not "read" content of internet traffic because they are still wrapped in multiple layers of wrappers. He made the analogy of the game "pass the parcel" where you do not see what is inside the parcel until all the wrappers have been removed.Brian did not trust traditional firewalls. So he developed his own device that can remove all the wrappers to see if the content is harmful and block them before it reaches your computer. These devices have only recently been made available to consumers. ref. Cyber Attack Terminator

The Kapiti Rotary Charity Golf Tournament, generously sponsored by Geethal Data Systems, was enjoyed by 105 players on a glorious day. Prizes for all thanks to generosity of a number of local businesses. Brilliant format and organisation thanks to tireless and generous work of Doug Hooper Smith. Trophies to Guy Weaver (best stableford); Bill Morrison (best net); Steve Tomlinson (most golf). Over $10,000 raised on the day. Proceeds to Prm Golf Club Youth Development; Kapiti Youth Support, Youth Quest and Youth Education Trust.

 Cuban Ambassador Mario Alzugaray
President Vine Indo & Kevin Stratton

 Cuban Ambassador Mario Alzugaray gave a candid, fascinating and entertaining address and opinions on Cuba, its people, (exploited) resources , consequent politics steeped in Castro, a colourful culture,  nationalism (or relative lack of) and  its fraught relationship with USA underpinned by unmatched oppressive sanctions,  going back well before the 20th century. Mario and his young family love New Zealand-even though we drive like maniacs-yet no better place to raise his sports  / outdoors loving children.And he has accumulated a surplus of cigars he would love to share if only he could find someone who smokes! 

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