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Youth Quest

"Everyone deserves a chance"

"You took away my crazy kid and brought him back a man"

Youth Quest is a not for profit community based charitable organisation started by Paul Fong and his wife Tanya. They have our children of their own. Paul has a background in the NZ Army, Personal Security and the NZ Police 

Paul and Tanya have committed their lives to helping some of the worst At Risk Youth in New Zealand and Kapiti Rotary are right behind them. They are also backed by passionate people who have made similar commitments on a full time basis as well as volunteers who give 1000’s of voluntary hours.

In their eyes there is nobody who can’t be reached, there is nobody who won’t respond positively to a supportive environment and there is no reason for these young men to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

"It's about turning boys, who want to come on the journey, into men in just a few months"

Youth Quest

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